The following file are available for download:

  • – This file contains the robot tools for the new VS Code version of the tutorials.
  • – Contains ImageViewer and PathPlanner.
  • – This file contains a Raspberry Pi 3/4 image which configures the Raspberry Pi as a network access point named Robot0 with an IP of The password is raspberry. This image will work on a Raspberry Pi 3B and Pi 3B+. Although it will install and run on a Raspberry Pi 4, you will not be able to use the remote java to run your programs at this time. You will need an 8 GB (or larger) micro SD card to use this image. This image has remote desktop enabled. You will need a tool to burn the sd card. The one that I use is called win32diskimager and can be found here.
  • – Contains the source files for the various utilities used by the tutorials as well at the source for the image processing that is done on the Raspberry Pi.